Survival Gear Selection

Survival Gear Selection

It wouldn’t be called the wilderness if it wasn’t wild, which is why it’s important to be prepared with survival gear materials when you’re camping.  Our collection of survival gear offers: bear assault spray, fire extinguishers, sewing kits and a variety of fire starting materials capable of producing a flame in any weather.

Stranded?  Lost?  Take one of our smoke signal packets with you and you’ll always have the ability to notify help.  We also offer a number of survival bags, which carry dozens of survival gear materials in one compact space. 

Have a question about our survival gear collection?  Call or email our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to help you find the perfect product.

Bear Bag
Storm Whistle

The perfect addition for a knife enthusiast. Fits comfortably for round the clock wear yet is rigid enough to ensure every day use

By Andrew S.
Zippo Hand Warmer, Real Tree - Clam

Love it

By David S.
Nite-ize S-Biner 3 Pack: Sizes 2, 3, 4

Great -biners!! I like the light weight & flat profile for use on my everyday backpack. The double-gated style is much better than a traditional snap-ring one.

I purchased two â??Counter Assault Bear Deterrentâ? spray for our family's backpacking/fishing trip into Wyoming's grizzly bear country. Thankfully we did not have to use the product on our trip. I found the product easy to carry and handle. The trigger safety mechanism stayed in place well and was easy and quick to disengage if spray was needed.

I haven't had to apply it yet, but it gives me a lot of comfort. Accordingly, I can not define its effectiveness.

By John D.
Tool Logic SL Pro 2, Black, Flashlight, Firesteel

Jack of all trades, but yet master of none. It is nice to have a flashlight/fire starter/knife. However the knife is very soft steel and the blade bends and dulls too easily. The flashlight is very poor construction, the batteries do not interface well with the switching mechanism making a light that turns on only sometimes. This will be the last item I pickup from "Tool Logic".

By Sharon R.
Valor - Survivor Knife w/Kit OD 10.5" OA

Great! Better than described. Very impressed.

By Albert I.
Valor - Survivor Knife w/Kit OD 10.5" OA

Everything you would need in a survival situation has been included in this knife package. I bought it as a gift and decided to keep it for my camping gear. I will buy another for the gift.