Trangia Camping Cooking Equipment

Trangia Camping Cooking Equipment
Trangia 25 Multi-disc, 8.25"
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Trangia 27 Multi-disc, 7"
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Trangia Pot Gripper
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I keep Coghlan's wind/Water-Proof storm Matches with me. I know they could come in handy. They appear to be good quality.

By Cheryle W.

Very good.

We have just bought this larger table. Yes, it is heavy but with kids running around it should not get knocked over. It makes a great difference when you have a hard time bending over. It is hard to get just a "peek" when you have to bend low so this solves the problem. It comes with bars on the sides. You can buy an attachment to add hooks for utensils or hot pads on these bars or just use them with your own hooks. Just like the Camp Chef burner units have. We are using this to put our Camp Chef oven on it. It is high enough to place the oven underneath when not in use so we can Dutch oven cook. I can hardly wait to take this camping. Since I am getting older the ground is harder to use for cooking and I always had a hard time finding a clean place to put the Dutch oven lid when I took it off to stir or check inside. I have experimented with it twice and the height is perfect for me. No back ache.

Since purchasing this Dutch oven utility table, I have had the opportunity to use it twice on campouts. I'm really happy that I decided to purchase the Camp Chef model. It is constructed of heavy gauge steel, rock solid and very easy to set up. I decided to pay the extra money and go with the larger table(38" length) and I'm glad I did. There's enough room for two 12" dutch ovens with more than enough room to spare. I use the extra room to place a lid holder. You could also use this spare room in the morning by placing a Camp Chef trivet on it with two or three coals underneath and use this to keep your coffee pot warm! Buy this 38" utility won't regret it!

By Harold T.
Open Country Pot Gripper

Very lightweight, but extremely strong and stable. Does an excellent job of clamping on and moving hot pots on an alcohol stove or wood fire!

Great replacement hose for high pressure burners.

Excellent product, very well constructed.

I love this stainless steel spoon. It was perfect for my outdoor cooking and it was delivered in a timely fashion. Thanks!