Lamplight Camp Light Products

Lamplight Camp Light Products
Lamplight Metropolitian Oil Lamp
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I received 1 of 2 sets of lights. The one set I received is working great. I am still waiting on the 2nd set of lights which is on back order. Overall I am satisfied.

Nice compact unit

Already tried this out and it works perfectly.

Great tool.Works every time; unless your kindling is wet. In which case it is nobody's fault but your own. I even light my BBQ with it to impress City Folk.

For what it is, a small survival axe, I rate it very, very highly indeed. Despite it's deceptive size, it packs quite the punch. It has enough heft, sharpness, and cutting edge more in fact than I expected. It does the job intended well above my expectations.

The one's I got were in my opinion overpriced - only keeping me from giving it five stars. But I bundled with a knife for free shipping, that said - they work well, after quite a few uses the handles are still on them (I'm amazed at that feat) they throw a shower of long burning sparks, wish they were larger both in diameter and length, but when it's all said they are an excellent compromise. Handy size for pocket or a tag along for knife sheath.

It is a must for camping or to keep in case of emergency's. It"s a must have.

It is pretty much like I expected & will have a permanent place in my camping gear.