Camp Light Products

Camp Light Products

Looking for a camp light product that doesn’t exist in our flashlight, camping lantern or spotlight collections?  Then, check out our many innovative camp light products that elude conventional labels.  Our magnet lights are ideal for conveniently illuminating your tent, while our glow-in-the-dark Frisbees make for tons of night time fun!  And if you want to read under a glowing light with a cool breeze, then check out our combination air fan/ lamp.

All of our camp light products, like everything sell, comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter
Out of Stock
ClipMate USB-Light only,Blk,Wht & Red Led
$30.99 $55.00
Out of Stock
Fire Starter Magnesium
Out of Stock
Matches Waterproof
Out of Stock
Victorinox Replacement Matches
Free Shipping
Out of Stock
Nite-ize Clip Lit Blue Flower
Out of Stock
SOL All-Weather Fire Cubes
Out of Stock
Gerber Bear Grylls Tinder Box
$27.99 $35.40
Out of Stock
1800 Lumen Bike Light, (CR123/18650)
$109.99 $164.99
Out of Stock

I received 1 of 2 sets of lights. The one set I received is working great. I am still waiting on the 2nd set of lights which is on back order. Overall I am satisfied.

Nice compact unit

Already tried this out and it works perfectly.

Great tool.Works every time; unless your kindling is wet. In which case it is nobody's fault but your own. I even light my BBQ with it to impress City Folk.

For what it is, a small survival axe, I rate it very, very highly indeed. Despite it's deceptive size, it packs quite the punch. It has enough heft, sharpness, and cutting edge more in fact than I expected. It does the job intended well above my expectations.

The one's I got were in my opinion overpriced - only keeping me from giving it five stars. But I bundled with a knife for free shipping, that said - they work well, after quite a few uses the handles are still on them (I'm amazed at that feat) they throw a shower of long burning sparks, wish they were larger both in diameter and length, but when it's all said they are an excellent compromise. Handy size for pocket or a tag along for knife sheath.

It is a must for camping or to keep in case of emergency's. It"s a must have.

It is pretty much like I expected & will have a permanent place in my camping gear.