Festival Camper’s Survival Guide

It’s that time of year when music festival tickets go on sale and you start to discuss with your friends which festival is best suited to your musical preferences and provides the best nightlife. If it’s your first time attending a music festival it can be hard to know what to expect, even more so if you haven’t been camping before. The key to ensuring you have a fantastic time is to be prepared! Many first-time festival goers take everything except the kitchen sink and return home resembling the Hunchback of Notre Dame after struggling with realms of junk.

When planning what to take know what’s important and what’s really not. Trust me, you can leave the kitchen sink at home!

Purchasing a Tent
Bear in mind that your tent will be your home for the few nights you’re camping for so choose it wisely! Whilst opting for the cheapest tent will save you money, read product reviews or browse through sale items before hastily purchasing a cheap one, as there’s nothing worse than a flooded tent! Once the murky concoction of mud and water sneaks its way in, it’s incredibly hard to get rid of and you’ll be sleeping with soggy toes for the duration of the weekend!

Grocery Shopping
One of the main conundrums first-time festival goers find hard to unravel is how much food to buy in advance to take with them. It’s true that buying food from the stalls at festivals can be a little pricey, but buying lots of junk from the supermarket isn’t such a great idea either. Firstly you’ll have to carry it all to your camping spot from the entrance gates, which in the larger music festival can cover quite a lot of ground! Secondly, you’re likely to waste a lot of the food, particularly if you make the rookie mistake of buying perishable items, or if you can’t resist the urge to start a food fight!

Chips, nuts and energy bars are probably the best options as they can wain hunger pangs, make easy non-perishable snacks and provide you with energy, which you’ll definitely need towards the end of the festival weekend! You’ll also thank yourself for taking cans of soda when you wake up parched in the morning.

Don’t Forget your Hygiene
Yes, festivals are about ‘roughing it’ but don’t offend people with poor personal hygiene! Although there might not be showering facilities available (or the existing ones might not be very desirable) you can always take personal hygiene products with you for a quick freshening up and to keep odours at bay.

Dry shampoo is the ultimate camping lifesaver, if the thought of washing your hair in cold water and leaving it to dry naturally doesn’t appeal to you then invest in some dry shampoo. Just a few sprays, a massage and a quick brush through can get maintain your hair and prevent you from resembling a bush baby. Baby wipes are also a popular choice for freshening up areas which are prone to perspiration; they’re designed to be gentle on the skin too and will leave you feeling soft and supple!

Remember your underwear!
The one thing you really don’t want to leave behind is a change of clothes – this includes your underwear! Tempting as it may be to fester in the same outfit, it will get you down! Pack raingear too and be prepared for varying weather conditions; including sunshine. Many people aren’t used to such an amount of exposure to sunlight; even if it’s cloudy make sure you have some sunscreen to prevent your face and other exposed areas from burning. Not only is sunburn painful but it’s also known to cause skin cancer.

Stephanie Staszko wrote this guest post on behalf of Heathrow airport parking site MF Airport Parking. Steph is guilty of falling foul to the first two rookie camping mistakes in this post, plus she forgot spare socks too!

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    Surviving festival camping is probably one of the most challenging survival situations for modern human beings 😀