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Care for Your Camping Tent Properly

When I get back from a camping trip, I usually head straight for the couch. Unpacking my pack is very low on the priority list. For this reason, I get a cringe of guilt every time I look at new camping tents. Unless you have spent a pretty penny on an incredible down sleeping bag […]


Into Car Camping or Spontaneous Road Trips? You’ll Love Sportz Camping Tents

As the warmer months quickly approach, it’s hard to hold back the urge to get into the great outdoors without all of our cumbersome winter gear. Whether you like the open air of the woods or prefer the open road with your windows down, you’ll love Napier Enterprises’ Sportz tent line. I have been enjoying […]


swissRoomBox Combines Tent Camping with RV Camping

Camping fans are typically divided into two categories: RV or tent. Tent camping is the basic, traditional way to sleep outside, but can require a good deal of packing as you load all your gear into your car or camping backpack. RV camping, of course, requires the big investment of buying a travel trailer or […]

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Beach Camping in Ko Phi Phi

I think that this is the most uncomfortable I have ever been, I thought to myself.  I knew it wasn’t true, but that didn’t make me feel any better. I was lying on a crude sleeping pad on Maya Beach, an uninhabited island in Southern Thailand.  For those Leonardo DiCaprio fans out there—and I know […]

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Bubble Tree Tents

Want to have an up close and personal view of the wilderness without sacrificing the comfort of modern amenities? Check out Bubble Tree Tents, a French tent design that has features like couches, sofas and even hardwood floors. These tents blow up into giant clear globes, so you can have a pristine view of the […]