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The Shamanic Path: A Profile of Musician, Artist and Nature Lover David Crews

“We were descending rapidly as the tunnels spiraled around like DNA helixes, sometimes branching off in diverse directions. The snake seemed to know exactly where we were going, though, and there was no hesitation in his path choosing. Left, then suddenly right; up a bit and then down and down. I knew we were traveling […]


Channeling Your Inner Wildness: A Conversation with Kenton Whitman

When I reached Kenton Whitman by phone last week, he had just moved out of his yurt. The 40-year-old wilderness enthusiast and life coach had spent a year in the woods of Wisconsin with his wife Rebecca and 2-year-old daughter Mirabelle, in an attempt to live a simpler, more natural existence. The experiment in primitive […]


Exploring Oregon with Anne Guthrie

When I spoke on the phone to Oregon resident and outdoors aficionado Anne Guthrie, she was hurtling through northeast Oregon on her way to the tiny town of Enterprise. There, she intended to explore the Eagle Cap Wilderness and Hell’s Canyon,  America’s deepest river gorge. It was a typical weekend for Guthrie, a 27-year-old Oregon […]

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Getting Closer to Nature through Art: Q&A with Christine Kane

We love nature – that’s why we enjoy camping. So, it’s always exciting to find new ways to explore the natural world. Christine Kane bridges a closer relationship with the natural world through her artwork. In her art classes, Christine helps students experience nature through sketching. She shows her classes that art skills do not […]

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A Functioning Fishaholic Explains the Natural Connection between Camping and Fishing

Throughout April, I felt bombarded with news about Trout fishing season; every interview with a Trout fisher I heard or read oozed with excitement to wait in line and get a spot on the lake. It sounded a lot like camping enthusiasts I know who get ready for that first spring weekend where the camping […]

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Nature Photographer Dominique Lalonde Talks with Lost in the Woods

Dominique Lalonde is a Canadian nature photographer whose wonderful pictures capture some of our favorite campsite friends in their natural habitats. If you enjoy the interview, check out Dominique’s website and follow his blog, Wild Encounters, for more pictures. On your next camping trip, consider making a camera part of your camping gear. You never know […]

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Steve Watts Opens his Wilderness Survival Kit(s) for Lost in the Woods

In addition to directing the Aboriginal Studies Program at Schiele Museum of Natural History, Steve Watts is a member of the International Society of Primitive Technology. Their biannual publication is a great way to learn more about the subject. As we mentioned in part one of our interview, Watts, along with David Wescott, also keeps a […]

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