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Urban Hiking at Its Best: Casey Schreiner Logs the Trails of Los Angeles

Casey Schreiner’s post-graduate move was far from unique. He jumped from the East Coast to the hazy, star-studded city of Los Angeles to get involved in the entertainment industry. Los Angeles did not immediately capture Casey’s heart, but the mountain ranges in the L.A. area converted him into a lover of the outdoors. Gaming enthusiasts […]


From the world of business to the world of fly-fishing: Grant Carter lives the dream

Grant Carter is no lazy retiree. He admittedly spent some time “following the shade around the house” after he left the working world, but that did not last long. With a new lakeside house near his granddaughters, daughter, and son-in-law, Grant began to convert the family into fishermen. Fly-fishing, Grant’s sport of choice, was not […]


Wondering if your kids should go to camp? Keystone Camp’s owner provides a definitive “yes.”

When my parents told me I would be going to camp for the first time, I experienced an incredibly foreign combination of nerves and excitement, which I think was the 8-year-old equivalent of an adrenaline rush. I kept going to camp until I reached the age limit, so the majority of my life’s summers have […]

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A Functioning Fishaholic Explains the Natural Connection between Camping and Fishing

Throughout April, I felt bombarded with news about Trout fishing season; every interview with a Trout fisher I heard or read oozed with excitement to wait in line and get a spot on the lake. It sounded a lot like camping enthusiasts I know who get ready for that first spring weekend where the camping […]

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Wilderness Volunteers Talks About Camping Trips that Give Back

Wilderness Volunteers is a wonderful organization that connects conservation-minded campers with public land agencies in order to make a difference. Their destinations range Alaska to Maine, West Virgina to New Mexico and every trip makes a noticeable impact as volunteers work to restore the wild woods. In this interview, we speak with Dave Pacheco, Wilderness […]


Nature Photographer Dominique Lalonde Talks with Lost in the Woods

Dominique Lalonde is a Canadian nature photographer whose wonderful pictures capture some of our favorite campsite friends in their natural habitats. If you enjoy the interview, check out Dominique’s website and follow his blog, Wild Encounters, for more pictures. On your next camping trip, consider making a camera part of your camping gear. You never know […]

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Beginning Bushcrafter Jeremiah Bess shares his adventures in bushcrafting

You’re packing your car or stuffing gear into your camping backpack, and you realize you have too much stuff. Most campers have that moment, at some point, when they notice camping has lost its simplicity. Jeremiah Bess had the same experience and picked up bushcrafting as a way to return to the basics. He runs […]


Steve Watts Opens his Wilderness Survival Kit(s) for Lost in the Woods

In addition to directing the Aboriginal Studies Program at Schiele Museum of Natural History, Steve Watts is a member of the International Society of Primitive Technology. Their biannual publication is a great way to learn more about the subject. As we mentioned in part one of our interview, Watts, along with David Wescott, also keeps a […]

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Steve Watts talks primitive camping skills with Lost in the Woods

Steve Watts directs the Aboriginal Studies Program at Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, NC. He offers annual series of primitive technology workshops and primitive skills demonstrations. In the first part of our two-part interview, Watts talks about these primitive skills and their importance.  What are primitive skills? Definitions are all about drawing lines.  […]


Cathy Farneman talks about the ways campers can use holistic medicines in the wild (Part 2)

Yesterday, we posted the first part of our interview with Cathy Farneman, who creates and sells herbal products for medicinal purposes. In this second part of our interview, Cathy talks about how campers can use plants in the wilderness for first aid. If you want to learn more about holistic medicines or include a few […]