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Camping Gear Review: Eureka Panther Peak 30L Backpack

For a while now, I’ve been in desperate need of a good backpack, as all the ones I own are tattered old bags from my high school days long ago. Living in New York City,where traveling to nature requires a trip on public transportation through a painfully dense city, makes my backpack my livelihood. It’s […]

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Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away From Camp

It can happen in an instant. One moment, you’re enjoying a romantic dinner for two beneath the stars and the next, you’re battling hundreds of unwanted guests. The arrival of merciless and bothersome bugs can quickly turn a fun camping trip or a relaxing time on your patio in New Jersey into an awful experience […]

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For urbanites, having true camping and wilderness experiences is still possible

Deep in the heart of New York City, the most populous city in the United States, sits a group of people who are fending for themselves in the wilderness. This isn’t some metaphor for the city as a concrete jungle either. These are people surviving off the basics, finding food on their own and building […]

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5 characteristics of a great camping tent

We’ve all had that experience some time in our lives when we slept in a small yet bulky tent that could barely stand up on its own. Whether they are old and outdated or extremely cheap, some tents simply don’t cut it at the campgrounds. So, if you’re tired of your old tent and are […]

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Camping trip ends well after missing Scouts use outdoor skills

Few people are more equipped to handle survival situations than Scouts (and, of course, their Scout leaders). So, when a group of young Boy Scouts became lost on a camping trip on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to learn they were found safe and sound. Sometimes what makes […]

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There’s more to ‘glamping’ than designer tents

If you’re interested at all in camping, chances are you’ve heard the term glamping at least once. Glamping – the combination of camping and glamor – is a type of camping that gives excessive luxuries to campers who want to venture into the outdoors without getting bombarded with the uncomfortable aspects of nature. As someone […]

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Get your scouts and family outdoors with a geocaching adventure

If you’re looking for a great way to get your family, kids or troop on an exciting outdoor adventure, a new phenomenon called geocaching is just the thing for you. Geocaching has exploded in popularity over the last decade because of its thrill, journey and outdoor fun. For those who have never heard of this […]

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Can you persuade someone who hates the outdoors to go camping?

We all know at least one person. Maybe it’s your neighbor or maybe your coworker. Maybe it’s your cousin or even your spouse. Whoever it is, we all know someone who has never been camping or, even worse, hates camping. It’s not a surprise that not a lot of people like to go camping (or […]

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Make a difference this National Public Lands Day

This Saturday is a day you can give back to those public lands where you’ve spent countless hours soaking up the sun, exploring, camping or simply relaxing. Tomorrow’s event is known as the National Public Lands Day, which is the largest volunteer day for public lands in the United States. That means people all over […]

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Amphibious trailer is ultimate piece of camping equipment

I’ve always believed in the simplicity of camping because there’s almost nothing better than connecting with the outdoors on a primal and intimate level without the interference of modern contraptions. However, after I saw the video for the new Sealander amphibious trailer, I found myself mouth agape and yearning for this ultimate piece of camping […]

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