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Take Your Outdoor Love to the Treetops with America’s Favorite Ropes Courses

Ropes courses are not just a team-building destination for corporate retreats. They are also a relaxing combination of a few favorite outdoor activities: The best ropes courses involve hiking to and from the site. Climbers can often put their bouldering skills to work along the course. And, of course, ropes courses give you a few […]

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Fastpacking: The Minimalist’s Response to Glamping

It’s Not Glamping Running shoes, instead of hiking boots; one sleeping bag to be shared among the group; energy bars in place of hobo packs and more substantial camping food. These are the concessions made by fans of the newest camping fad. Fastpacking is the minimalist’s response to last year’s glamping trend. Standard camping gear […]

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Florida Angler Russ Chiodo Proves his Coastline is an Outdoor Lover’s Paradise

Just in time for the Labor Day weekend, we bring you an interview from the beautiful coast of Florida. Russ Chiodo, founder of Coquina Coast Outdoors, is a self-described “passionate, lifelong angler and outdoorsman who lives in Palm Coast, Florida. For Flordians and visitors along the seventy mile stretch of land he calls the Coquina […]

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National Wildlife Federation’s Land Tawney Discusses How Conservation Issues Affect the Casual Camper

Land Tawney, a fifth generation Montanan, learned his conservation ethics through his own experiences in the outdoors. Spending time in duck blinds in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley and catching trout in the Big Hole River fostered an appreciation for and understanding of the environment. In 2004, Land brought that knowledge to the National Wildlife Federation when […]

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Outdoor Gadgets to Help Adults Beat the Back-to-School Blues

It does not matter that you’re all grown up. Even adults get the blues during the back-to-school time of the year. You may not be trading in your swimsuit for a school uniform and a backpack, but you can see a time in the not-so-distant future when your camping tent will be used far less […]

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“Before They’re Gone:” A Family’s Yearlong Odyssey to America’s Disappearing National Parks

It’s an old cliché that teens let parental advice fall on deaf ears. Parents often encourage their kids to do something or appreciate something “before it’s too late.” Only years later, after having their own learning experiences, do those teens realize the sensibility behind their parents’ words. As the Northwest Editor of Backpacker Magazine, Michael […]

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The Best Hikes to Celebrate the Appalachian Trail’s 75th Birthday

August marks the Appalachian Trail’s 75th anniversary. In 1937, the 2180-mile footpath was completed, allowing adventurers to hike from the northern end of Georgia up into Maine. The AT is the longest hiking-only trail in the world—and what a blessing to have it for hikers in America. There is no better way to celebrate the […]

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‘Camping with Gus’ Gives Advice for Camping with Kids

Over the weekend, Google debuted the first commercial for its tablet, the Nexus 7. The minute-long advertisement shows an idealistic father-son camping trip. The happy pair identifies the local animals, plays checkers during the rain and enjoys a nighttime hike. While these are typical activities for any family camping trip, this nature-loving duo is using […]

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The Best Handicap-Accessible National Parks

In recent years, the National Park System has made a significant effort to make America’s national parks more accessible to those with mobility handicaps. While this can be difficult to achieve in rugged terrain, some parks have done an especially good job. In addition to accessible trails and campsites, these handicap-accessible parks also have wheelchairs […]

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Urban Hiking at Its Best: Casey Schreiner Logs the Trails of Los Angeles

Casey Schreiner’s post-graduate move was far from unique. He jumped from the East Coast to the hazy, star-studded city of Los Angeles to get involved in the entertainment industry. Los Angeles did not immediately capture Casey’s heart, but the mountain ranges in the L.A. area converted him into a lover of the outdoors. Gaming enthusiasts […]

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