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Camping Gear Review: Eureka Casper

De Soto National Forest, just thirty minutes north of Biloxi, Mississippi, is one of my favorite spots to camp in the Gulf South.  The area is home to over 518,000 acres of national forest and peppered with primitive and managed campsites. Last weekend I trekked to one of my favorites, POW lake, to take a […]

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Birding Hot Spots: 5 Spots to Set Up Camp and Wait for the Great Migrations

This is a guest post from Joe Laing.  You can learn more about Joe in the bio box below. You don’t have to be a ‘bird nerd’ to appreciate the grandeur of hundreds of sandhill cranes circling overhead in unison, or a gaggle of thousands of geese creating a deafening roar as they settle in […]

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The Shamanic Path: A Profile of Musician, Artist and Nature Lover David Crews

“We were descending rapidly as the tunnels spiraled around like DNA helixes, sometimes branching off in diverse directions. The snake seemed to know exactly where we were going, though, and there was no hesitation in his path choosing. Left, then suddenly right; up a bit and then down and down. I knew we were traveling […]

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Camping Gear Review: The Eureka Solitaire Tent

I’ve always wanted a 1-man tent.  I think the idea just jibes with the core of my camping philosophy: get as minimalistic as possible. For this reason, it’s always seemed futile to lug a 2 or 3-person tent out into the wild when I was only solo camping.  So when Eureka Tents asked if I’d […]

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Camping in De Soto National Park: My Sweaty Weekend in a Mississippi POW Camp

Crushing. That’s the best adjective to describe the heat in Mississippi in September. At least that’s how it felt inside of my tent on a steamy Friday evening, as I slapped at mosquitos and focused my mind on conjuring the breeze. It was too warm to be encased in a sleeping bag, so instead I […]

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Canoeing in the Yukon with Alex Hutchinson

If you’re a lover of good, crisp writing, spellbinding adventure and the great outdoors, then there’s little not to like about Alex Hutchinson’s badass piece in the New York Times on canoeing in the Yukon. The first-person narrative chronicles Hutchinson’s ten-day mission down the Snake River in the Peel Watershed.  The river drops over 4,000 […]

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A Night On Mars: My Camping Trip to Canyonlands National Park in Utah

‎”If my decomposing carcass helps nourish the roots of a juniper tree or the wings of a vulture–that is immortality enough for me. And as much as anyone deserves.” — Edward Abbey Oh yes, Ed, sing that sweet gospel of desert life. Let it whisper through your prose like sand blowing gently across the brush. […]

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Camping in the Wenatchee Forest: My Weekend Exploring Washington

You don’t have to scour too hard to find a sublime camping spot on the outskirts of Seattle. The city lies within a few hours of a slew of top-tier camping locales, such as Mount Rainier, the San Juan Islands and the Lower Cascades. After visiting for a conference last week, I borrowed a car […]

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Do you have nature deficit disorder?

You’re fat, unhappy and stressed. Your computer stalls in the middle of an important project and you want to throw it out the window.  The printer gets a paper jam and it feels like the world is closing in.  Finally, you leave work, get in your car in the parking garage and drive to your […]

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Channeling Your Inner Wildness: A Conversation with Kenton Whitman

When I reached Kenton Whitman by phone last week, he had just moved out of his yurt. The 40-year-old wilderness enthusiast and life coach had spent a year in the woods of Wisconsin with his wife Rebecca and 2-year-old daughter Mirabelle, in an attempt to live a simpler, more natural existence. The experiment in primitive […]

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