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Our inventory of Blantex cots and bunk beds are perfect for keeping you warm and comfy. Check out our heavy-duty cots, which are lightweight, easily transportable and great to use as an extra bed in a cabin or outside on a balmy evening. We also have a large variety of portable camping chairs, which are perfect for sitting around a campfire. Need something extra to warm you up? Check out our collection of survival blankets, all specially-designed to insulate your body heat.

All of our Blantex cots and bunk beds are backed by a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Oversized Steel Army Cot
$129.99 $170.00
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Blantex Cholera Bed
$134.99 $180.00

Recent Reviews - Blantex Cots & Bunk Beds

I Enjoy in particular the variety in this item because it allows for "sampling" of each different type of M.R.E. item from the menu as a whole like sampler.

I was looking for a high quality cot and checked a large number of vendors. Nothing had a spring system like this, Yes,it is more expensive and shipping a large item isn't inexpensive but the sum total of cot plus shipping was a worthwhile purchase. Actually purchased 5.Arrived in a very reasonable time.

This chair is very sturdy and the color is beautiful -- same color as the tennis courts. I used stencils and white paint markers to print my name and a tennis racket on the front top. It Looks great. Most other chairs are made with aluminum that makes them not as sturdy as this chair. I use the chair on the tennis court between games when there are no benches on the court. It would have been better if the chair was just a couple of inches taller, but I am very satisfied with the purchase, even though I was not satisfied with the shipping charges.

The beds are heavy duty but the shorter protective rail falls off far to easily. Had to make it secure with tie raps.

Sturdy and attractive. A space saver in a small bedroom. My grandkids love their sleep-overs in these bunks!

I was very surprised on how comfortable the cot is. We purchased for when the grand kids come over so they would have their own place to sleep. A sleeping bag and they are all set. Very well made and easy to slide under a bed.

Good canvas seat but total stool is too low. It's almost like sitting on the ground.

About Blantex

Blantex, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Blaco Export full line of heavy duty steel folding cot, beds, stools chairs, bunk beds and many other tubular steel products and mattresses.

Why Blantex? With our partnership with Blaco Export in Mexico, we have over 40 years experience in manufacturing and distributing the most durable and economic camping, home and special needs steel tubular furniture. Our proximity to the factory gives us the ability to respond to your needs very quickly.

QUALITY: All our furniture is made of heavy duty steel. Our beds are all rated for 1 person up to 375 lbs. Our furniture is made for long lasting quality and comfort. We are not the cheapest game in town but we do offer the best value. Aluminum furniture will never be as strong as steel.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE:We are ready and have the experience to help during emergency situations. We were the first to help during disasters such as the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on New York City, the 2005 record breaking hurricane season including hurricane Katrina and Rita that devastated the Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast. More recently we supported emergency responders in 2008, by delivering tens of thousands of cots in August and September, for the California wild fires, as well as Hurricane Gustav. When Hurricane Ike devastated our hometown of Houston TX. on Friday night, we were still delivering beds Saturday night in the dark, since the whole town was without electricity.