Air Mattress Collection

Air Mattress Collection

An air mattress is the ultimate in campground sleeping comfort.  From elevated queen size beds with built in pillows to slim, easily transportable twins, we carry a variety of styles and designs in our air mattress inventory.  Most of the air mattresses we offer are accompanied by battery-operated pumps, so you’ll be able to set up your air mattress with ease.

Looking for something different?  How about an air mattress that fits in the back of your truck or SUV?  These truck-friendly models are the closest thing you’ll find to your own bed while on the road.  And remember, every item in our air mattress collection comes with rapid shipping, so you won’t lose sleep while waiting for your air mattress to arrive.

By Interfaith Shelter Network ..

Excellent product and customer service. These air mattresses are use at our homeless shelters and they are very versatile and easy to set up.