Metropolitan Vacuum Air Mattress Pump Collection

Metropolitan Vacuum Air Mattress Pump Collection
By Carmelia H.
Intex Double Quick I Air Pump

Great camping to pump up air bed and pool floats

By Dale B.
Ledmark Industries Electric Inflator - 12v 120w

Very lightweight, reasonably compact, blows hard and can inflate an air mattress quickly. Not for inflating high pressure things like tires. I modified the air nozzles to fit the air mattress vent cap (place to let air out) which is much larger than the air inlet. This allows the blower to inflate the mattress much faster. This blower is not fancy but does the job much faster than 12V piston type compressors which have low airflow but can reach higher pressures.

This is a great product! I love the deflating option it has. I highly recommend it for airing up and deflating air mattresses.

By Joan S.
Texsport Battery Air Pump

I used this pump to fill a twin size air mattress, It filled the mattress quickly and quietly. I am very pleased with this pump!

By Gary S.
Coleman 120V Inflate-All QuickPump System

I am very pleased with the Coleman 120V air pump. I use it for the tires on my boat trailer and ride-on lawn mower.

By Sharon R.
Intex AC/DC Pump

This is a very good place to shop at. The delivery time was much better than I expected and my merchandise was in great shape when it arrived. It works great!

By Miguel G.
Coleman AC 120V QuickPump

It works just as advertised!

By Mary C.
Coleman AC 120V QuickPump

This quick pump was just that! It is easy and nice & quick. I had 8 "extra" sleepers recently and we inflated 8 air beds with this pump in less than two minutes per bed. It worked like a charm. This is a great product and is easy to use.