Eureka! 3-4 Person Tents

Eureka! 3-4 Person Tents
Eureka Tetragon 3 Tent
$134.99 $185.20
Eureka! Midori 3 Tent
$224.99 $308.64
By James W.
ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 3 Tent

I originally thought I was ordering the extreme 3 outfitter tent instead of the regular extreme 3. I will give Camping Gear Outlet credit, though. When I contacted them about the mistake, they quickly resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I am pleased with my tent, seems very well made. It isn't too heavy or bulky to pack, sets up easy and is pretty stable in the wind. I really like the 3 pole design and the outside clips. I recommend purchasing a footprint (or use tyvek like I did).

We needed a tent for the Everglades with protection from no see-ums & the potential heavy rains. This tent does both pulse the ventilation it tops. It's rugged frame and design held up to the winds also. I'm very satisfied-you get what you pay for.

By Craig V.
ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 3 Tent

Great tent for winter camping. The vestibule in back is large enough to cover an entire Jet-Sled (it can slide right out without unzipping anything). I keep the bottom 2 feet of the front vestibule zipped at all times. It's easy to unzip the top part of the vestibule, step into it, crouch, zip it up over your head, and then zip open the tent. I think the #10 zippers and better floor on this Outfitter model is worth the weight. I like how loops on the corners of the optional foot print can allow it to easily connect to the tent and fly.

By Dane R.
ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 3 Tent

Great tent. I used it last weekend on a backpacking/survival trip in the Hualapais east of Kingman, AZ. My only complaint -- and it's not a deal-breaker -- is that when the fly is in place, the zipper to open the door panel is a long, and I mean very long, reach. You have to get on your knees outside the main tent (still inside the fly), and it's still a long reach to that zipper in the corner. That said, the tent is very well made. Zippers are good -- #10 -- and the material is high quality. We didn't have much weather that weekend, so I can't comment on the tent's ability to withstand high wind and heavy rain. I will say this about 2-person, 3-person and 4-person ratings: they assume you'll sleep stacked like sardines next to each other. I got the 3-person Extreme Outfitter, with the idea that my wife and I would have room to keep our packs in the tent at night. With the slope of the tent walls, there is just enough room for two people in this tent, with a small amount of extra room by the feet. With all that in mind, I would recommend this as an excellent tent for two. It's a little heavy for backpacking, but then again we're not ultralight packers. On a survival trip, we pack heavy. We're discrete about what we pack, but we carry a lot, from cookware and light tools, to firearms and ammo.

I love the Xscape graphics on the tent WE purchased and it does have some cool features. My young Grandsons raved about their new tent and matching sleeping bags.

By Robert W.
Texsport The Lodge Square Dome Tent

I have not had a chance to use it yet but it looks like good quality product and relatively ease with setting it up.

By Sandra H.
Gigatent Mt. Garfield Family Dome Tent

The Gigatents are the best tents we have found. We supply a homeless encampment of 100 men and women. They live in the tents 365 days a year in wet western Washington weather. Other tents we have purchased last 5-9 months. We started purchasing Gigatents Dec. 2009. They all look brand new, do not leak, hold up in the wind and rain. The poles do not snap in the wind or cold.We purchase 6 tents this size about every 90 day. With this tent we will have to purchase fewer tents.

By Sandra H.
Gigatent Mt. Garfield Family Dome Tent

We have supplied tents for 100 men and women in a homeless encampment for 5 years. They use their tents 365 days a year, rain, snow, sun, and wind. I just visited the camp this morning and was told the gigatent Mt. Garfield is the best couples tent they have ever had. No leaks, stronger poles, and sets up easily.

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